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We provide services for customers across all industry sectors

CyberCloud provides services for customers across all industry sectors; that consume IT resources. For organizations from different industries, the move to CyberCloud is occasioned by the peculiar needs with their industry and their target market.

Financial Technology (Fintech) Companies

Agility: The speedy rollout of new products and services to capture market.

Increased Efficiency: The right resource for efficient operations of the customer’s services are readily available

Integrability: CyberCloud offers standardization that facilitates integration of new applications and technologies in the future

Increased scalability and flexibility: The ability to increase the resources assigned to a service and shrink when needed in response to the market is a priceless capability that Cybercloud offers providing an effective competitive edge.

Reduction on Capital expense: Cybercloud eliminates the need for heavy upfront infrastructural costs on hardware and related software licenses. IT infrastructure costs become operational and is provisioned on a need basis.

Improved client relationship: Huge computing power offered by Cybercloud empower financial services to create systems with customized solutions and offer better insights to their clients, increasing customer satisfaction.

Finace Industry

Oil & Gas companies

Powerful processing capability: The need for high processing capabilities in the oil and gas industry is easily met by services on Cybercloud.

Cloud mobility: Our services help in facilitating the links between multiple offices across the world and enhancing the security of sensitive information by storing it in a virtual hub rather than on local servers—all at an appealingly low cost of entry.

Speed of resource provisioning: Speed is a core element of Cybercloud’s appeal, regardless of the industry. Our technology eliminates much of the hassle associated with using an IT; procurement, setup and provisioning.

Project-based cost layout: Because resources are procured and provisioned for the needed period, projects can be planned without IT infrastructure cost wastage.

Manufacturing Industry / Conglomerates

Subscription-based IT Infrastructure: The perceptions of IT as a cost centre within the Manufacturing industry is addressed by CyberCloud’s subscription-based IT infrastructure

Outsourced IT Infrastructure: Embracing Cybercloud essentially means outsourcing the IT infrastructure management; with the option to retain or also outsource administration. This helps the organization to focus on other core areas of business.

Synchronization of IT Operations: Multinational conglomerates can easily import their global IT policies unto the Cybercloud-based data centre for their Nigerian arm. This would also mean easy migration of services from corporate HQ into the country and back again

A Step towards Cloud Manufacturing: From the IT perspective, manufacturers can centralize capabilities and rent to different arms of the business; while ensuring uniform standards across board.

Public Sector / Government

Dialing-up security: CyberCloud guarantees state-of-the-art cybersecurity. We offer best-in-class data protection, with the added benefit of backup and restoration of your data.

Preventing shadow IT: with easily deployable IT policies and services, users are less likely to turn to unapproved online and possibly malicious tools that could put data and sensitive information at risk.

Faster access to innovation and improved citizen services: One of the biggest advantages of Cybercloud for public sector agencies is the ability to quickly spin up virtual machines to test and scale ideas, rather than face lengthy requests for new hardware or provisioning from on-premises servers. New services can be rolled out in days as opposed to months, or even years.

Cost savings and data center consolidation: CyberCloud allows agencies to shed their physical data centers and all the costs related to maintaining legacy infrastructures, which can result in millions of naira in annual savings.

Education Industry

Convenience and Improved Accessibility: With CyberCloud, data can be accessed from anywhere and with any device.  Users do not need to download or upgrade software

Focus and Optimal Performance: The job of educating minds is huge and daunting enough, educational institutions may now focus of this and still have optimal IT services run on CyberCloud infrastructure..

Cost saving and Optimization: The cost of installing IT infrastructure are always capital intensive. With CyberCloud, IT spending is minimized while easy access to information is still ensured.


Gaming / Sports Betting

Security: The industrial level security used by Cybercloud protects the infrastructure and presents a variety of IT security service to customers within the gaming and sports betting industry to protect against cyber-threats.

Easy to manage infrastructure: With the service inheriting the ease of management attribute of CyberCloud, the betting industry player focused on providing the service rather than battle with infrastructure management

Reduced Cost: As the case is with many other industries, the cost reduction attributable to the adoption of CyberCloud infrastructure offerings is huge.

Enablement for rapid go-to-market strategy: The desire for an accelerated deployment of a new game is met by a ready-to-use infrastructure with customizable features.

Meeting Regulatory and Compliance codes: The up-to-date technology that CyberCloud is built on and the associated service and certifications it has allows customers from every sector meet set industry regulatory codes.

Media / Entertainment Industry

Meet unpredictable consumer demands: Today’s consumers of media and entertainment content expect flexibility and choices. The ability to increase the resources assigned to a service and shrink when needed in response to the market is a priceless capability that Cybercloud offers. For an entertainment outfit, this capability could make all the difference

Agility and Speedier Time to Market: In order to stay competitive, content creators are under pressure to produce and/or distribute original content more frequently and faster. With Cybercloud’s robust technology, these businesses can get content out in record time, driving in that revenue when it counts the most.

Saving Cost: With Cybercloud, media and entertainment practitioners can save enormous cost by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

High Performance, Minimal Delays/Downtime:
High streaming performance, with minimal delays and downtime, is critical in terms of user experience. Cybercloud’s services ensure ample opportunities for dispersed and redundant architectures that support high availability and high-performance SLAs ( service level agreements) , such as multi-region, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments.

Website Developers

Enhanced Security: With the internet rife with tales of data breaches and hacking, lost information can tank a web designer’s business. What Cybercloud does is to secure all your data from attacks while making it easily accessible

Real-time Collaboration: Cybercloud makes it easier for design teams to collaborate in real time by simply making changes in the cloud and watching them sync and update.

Increased Productivity: By allowing web designers focus on real work, CyberCloud can dramatically increase productivity by keeping more processes nimble.

Enhanced user experience: With the provided dashboards, developers can see the utilizations of the provisioned resources and optimize them where and when necessary to keep user experience on the deployed applications at its best.

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